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Compostable Pet Poop Bags - Approved By Mother Earth -

  • Mother Earth Approved!

    Be warned. Other dog poop bags may claim to be “Earth Friendly” or “Eco-Friendly”, but if you look further, they’re made from plastic. These bags can literally take hundreds or even thousands of years to decompose, making for one trashy and toxic planet! Our poop bags are fully compostable, and Mother Earth approved!


  • Decomposes Like a Dream!

    Unlike other poop bags that claim to neatly decompose or are compostable, they can leave toxic resins or chemicals behind. Or, they may break down into small pieces that can be difficult to clean up and even be consumed by wild life. Not cool. Our poop bags decompose like a dream and leave nothing behind!


  • Plant Based!

    Our poop bags are mainly plant based and include no traditional plastic materials. This makes them not only much easier to breakdown and disappear without a trace, but they’re also highly affordable too. When you use poop bags from Pawsitive Solutions, you can feel less shitty about bagging dog shit, and Mother Nature will thank you as well.

About Us

Lucy, CFO (Chief Four-Legged Officer)

Meet Lucy, our furry CFO (Chief 4-Legged Officer) here at Pawsitive Solutions. Between outdoor adventures and play time in the snow, receiving lots of love, and being part of this wonderful company, Lucy is also a growing star on Instagram


Lucy’s loving momma is Malika, a savvy marketing professional who also happens to be a dog lover herself, as well as a lover of Mother Earth. It’s important to both Lucy and Malika that Pawsitive Solutions only offer truly amazing, yet always Earth-friendly products that they’re proud to not only represent, but ones that they know will never leave any type of toxic imprint on the beautiful world around them. This means no plastic, no EPI additives, or any other harmful or sneaky substances - only all-natural plant-based products that do the job, and do it the right way. 


What are the bags made of?

Cornstarch and PBAT! No traditional plastic whatsoever.


We currently deliver anywhere in Canada via Canada Post Expedited Parcel Service

Why are EPI additive plastic bags actually worse than regular old dollar store plastic bags?

-the EPI additive only partially break down the bags leaving fragments that still stick around for hundreds of years

-the EPI additive leaves toxic residue 

-the plastic fragments left are more easily ingested by wild life and more difficult to clean up. 

-you pay more $$ for this vs regular plastic!