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Compostable Pet Poop Bags - Approved By Mother Earth -

  • Plastic Bags Have Got to Go

    500 million poop bags are used annually throughout the world. That is a serious environmental paw-print! Single use plastics like these are used for seconds but last for hundreds to thousands of years, leaving humans and animals with a trash problem that recycling can’t fix. There is a better solution….

  • Buyer Beware

    Many dog poop bag companies use terms like “Eco-Friendly” and green-coloured bags to mislead consumers, when in reality the only acceptable thing about them is the recyclable core in the rolls. Companies are using a material known as oxo-degradable which is simply plastic with a toxic additive that leaves behind harmful residues. This only breaks the plastic down into smaller fragments that are more easily ingested by wildlife. Oxo-degradable materials are cheaper to produce than compostable materials, allowing companies to profit off consumers who have good intentions.

  • Mother Earth Approved!

    Our bags follow the circle of life found in nature, they are plant-based and support plant growth at the end of their life. They contain absolutely no traditional plastic or toxic additives. We have also considered the environmental impact of our packaging which is made from renewable and recyclable cardboard.

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About Us

Aside from providing customers with a better poop bag experience, our purpose is to make it affordable for dog owners to be green and to educate the public about greenwashing in our industry.

Malika Larbi, a savvy marketing professional who also happens to be a dog lover has lent her expertise to various startups over the years. After coming to the horrific realization that single use plastics are so heavily used in businesses, she knew that in order to make a significant impact on the planet, that it would be up to business to make the change in providing consumers with affordable and convenient eco-friendly options. Thus "the company that gives a shit" was born.

Lucy, CFO (Chief Four-Legged Officer), plays a crucial company role by supervising all company car rides, raising morale and testing products. Lucy started as an Instagram star (@thedoodlelulu) where she gained the attention of poop bag companies who wanted her help to grow their reach. These companies were calling themselves earth friendly but telling Lucy not to bring this up, which confused her very much so she told her mom. Together they uncovered the truth about the biodegradable plastic that these companies were selling under the disguise of green bags. She and her human servant vowed from now on to only work for companies that they knew were really green.